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Hiring a chimney company that you can trust can be a tough task. After all, getting your chimney regularly inspected and swept is essential to the safety of your family and home. Whether it is for chimney sweeping, chimney caps, chimney crowns, or fireplace maintenance, choosing a trustworthy company is important and often challenging to navigate. Besides asking friends and neighbors for recommendations and checking out companies’ reviews online, we recommend checking to see if the company employs CCP certified chimney professionals.

Today, we’ll explain what a CCP certified chimney professional is and why this certification is a good indicator of a chimney company’s competence and trustworthiness. Are you seeking a chimney company that you can trust in the Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky market? Best Cincinnati Chimney  is a CCP certified chimney professional  company and has been serving the community with honors for years. Call 513-474-1158 to book a chimney sweep or to ask your chimney-related questions.

What is a CCP Certified Chimney Professional?

CCP, or Certified Chimney Professionals is associated with the National Chimney Guild and makes it easier for homeowners to find reliable, experienced, highly-trained chimney and liner professionals. This nonprofit organization has been in business for over forty years, and has created a standard of excellence in the industry by providing expert-led education and training to industry professionals.

More specifically, a CCP Certified chimney professional is a credential that chimney professionals earn through this institute. It ensures that a specific chimney technician has a high level of knowledge regarding the evaluation and maintenance of chimney and lining systems. Chimney technicians need to prepare for and pass a challenging and detailed exam in order to gain this credential. After companies earn this credential, homeowners can easily find local certified chimney sweeps through CCP’s certified provider search tool

Why You Should Hire a CCP Certified Chimney Professional

Keep Your Home and Family Safe

CCP certified chimney technicians are not only highly trained and made to pass a difficult exam, but they also sign a code of conduct, stating that they will follow all outlined safety standards. By hiring a certified chimney professional to ensure that your chimney is clean and safe, you are placing your trust in someone who is committed to integrity. Best Cincinnati chimney prides themselves in hiring highly ethical professionals.

Avoid Expensive Chimney Issues

Chimney issues can be expensive. By ensuring that your chimney is properly maintained, you can avoid a host of dangerous or expensive issues such as creosote build up, especially glazed creosote, and animals nesting in your chimney.

Peace of Mind

If your chimney is swept by someone who is trustworthy, you can relax and enjoy your fireplace during the cold months without having to worry about the state of your chimney. Get the assurance that you deserve by hiring a CCP certified chimney professional for all of your Cincinnati chimney care.

Are You Looking for a Cincinnati Area Chimney Professional?

If you’re looking for a certified Chimney Professional, look no further than Best Cincinnati Chimney. Not only does Best Cincinnati Chimney offer chimney sweeps, but we also offer chimney repairs, masonry work, chimney installations, and Gas log replacement.  Click here or call 513-474-1158 to get in touch today!