The Importance of a Chimney Sweep

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At Best Cincinnati Chimney, our chimney sweeps are certified by the CCP (Certified Chimney Professionals) and are fully trained in all aspects of Chimney care and safety. Chimneys should be cleaned every 36 fires or at least once a year, even gas appliances.

The chimney uses the force of a hot flame to generate a downdraft and draw in air over the wood or coals allowing continued combustion. Many chimneys may be straight either vertical or have many bends of the chimney. Our chimney sweeps use a power sweeper with fiber glass tentacles to remove debris such as creosote, bird droppings, dry leaves, and small insects and animals that may be nesting in the chimney. They also assist in making sure that there are no obstructions such as bricks, creosote, or ash, all of which can cause serious damage to a chimney over time.

We use a camera with a 360 degree surround head inside the flue to catch every crack and we use a drone to get to those high places that sometimes you just can’t see without them.

Our certified chimney sweep and his crew should inspect the inside and outside of your chimneys on a periodic basis. This inspection will involve the interior of the flue as well as the roof and exterior. These inspections are critical to the safe operation of a home and property. Most insurance companies require periodic inspections and general maintenance of homes and commercial structures. These inspections and general maintenance repairs are done by certified technicians and are followed by a quote for any additional chimney care needed.

Our experience has shown us that frequent chimney cleanings and inspections delay or eliminate future damages that can cost you a great deal not to mention the fire risks that dirty chimneys create. We often find masonry repairs that can stop or delay future deterioration.

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