Cincinnati Chimney Sweep

Chimney cleaning is essential to keeping them running properly and safely. Hiring a reputable chimneychimney cleaning sweep company is important when maintaining your chimney. If you notice a problem with your fireplace, such as bad odor, smoke leaks, or if you notice a tar like substance forming on the inner walls of the chimney, it’s time to have your chimney inspected by the professionals at Best Cincinnati Chimney and Masonry.

The tar like substance is called Creosote, which can accumulate in the flue, cause unpleasant odors, improper drafting and under certain circumstances, chimney fires. Creosote is unburned wood particles and condensed flue gasses that build up over time when chimneys have been neglected.

Chimney Scanning Technology


1) Every 36 fires or once a year, whichever comes first 

                                                              2) When an appliance is switched out (EG: Wood to gas, replacement)

  •                                        3) When you purchase a pre-built home or dwelling                                                

Best Cincinnati Chimney offers safe and professional cleanings to all of our customers. Not only is the care of your chimney important to us, but so is the care of your home. To ensure that we are protecting your home from any damage, drop cloths and foot protection will be used to protect all surface areas near the fireplace. Our technicians will then clean the entire system from the fireplace up, using professional brushes and equipment.  This ensures that no dust or allergens enter the air in your home.

Chimney Inspections

Obstructions or blockages in your chimney can cause toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide, to enter your home. Regular chimney inspections can greatly reduce the risk of chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning in the home.
The inspection includes a photographic scan of the entire system, which includes the firebox, smoke chamber, smoke shelf, chimney flue, damper assembly, crown and cap. The technician will be very meticulous, looking for obstructions, cracks in the mortar, absence of liner, signs of moisture and anything else that would make the chimney unsafe for use. The external portion of the inspection focuses on the integrity of the chimney cover, crown, flashing and brick and mortar.

The technician is ensuring that the structure is sturdy, safe and keeping water and animals outside. They are also prepared to bring your fireplace and chimney into proper working order should any issues arise during the inspection. A thorough inspection allows home owners to enjoy their fireplaces all year-round.